Association Overview

Message from the President

The environment surrounding welfare vehicles is still not conducive to optimism. In particular, there is a lack of industry-unified support programs to improve the convenience and economy of users. In addition, the setting of "industry standards and unified standards" for assistive and assistive devices for special needs vehicles has not even been called for yet.
In order to respond to these demands of the times, we need to work together.

The Disability Vehicle Association has been preparing for its establishment in order to respond to these demands of the times.
In addition to users, manufacturers, and distributors of welfare vehicles, those involved in this field are the members of the organization, and we aim to become an organization that functions to promote public welfare by gathering all wisdom.

The first step in the human resource development project is to build up promoters of welfare vehicles who stand at the interface between "welfare and nursing care" and the automobile industry.

Next, in the grant program, we are not only making donations, but we are also looking at providing support for research and development and joint projects with university laboratories.

Furthermore, we will develop measures to comply with legal regulations, including the Product Liability Law. The groundbreaking activities of the Disability Vehicle Association will be required to move toward a cross-industry business concept that no one has thought of before.
We have been implementing our activity plan, including full-scale membership recruitment, since April 2022.



The Association will contribute to the promotion of social welfare by improving the environment surrounding welfare vehicles.



The purpose of this association is to contribute to the advancement of social welfare and the sound development of the industry by working closely with the welfare vehicle industry to improve the quality of each other's work.
The purpose of this association is to contribute to the advancement of social welfare and the sound development of the industry.


Description of Business

(1) Projects that contribute to the improvement of social welfare
(2) Subsidy projects
(3) Projects to establish unified industry standards
(4) Certification system for superior products and parts (JWVA voluntary certification, setting of safety standards, etc.)
(5) Projects to establish and promote user protection systems
(6) Projects to promote safe driving and accident prevention measures
(7) Projects to establish and disseminate an engineer standard certification system
(8) Establishment and dissemination of the salesperson standard certification system
(9) Project to collect industry information and build a database
(10) To collect information and conduct research on emergencies and emergency response
(11) To establish standards for ancillary service operations
(12) PL insurance system of the Association (for domestic and overseas use)
(13) Communication and dissemination of relevant laws, regulations and information
(14) Projects related to the welfare of the association's members
(15) Other business in line with the objectives of the Association


Admission Criteria

Companies that agree with the philosophy and objectives of the Association are eligible to become members of the Association after deliberation by the Board of Directors.


How to apply

Please fill out the prescribed application form and submit it together with the materials specified by the Association.


Screening Method

In accordance with the rules and regulations of the Association, the Board of Directors will deliberate and determine the applicant as a member.


Recruitment of New Members

The Disability Vehicles Association is looking for a wide range of businesses throughout Japan that provide maintenance services for assistive vehicles.

This is a network to provide appropriate maintenance services to people who use or use welfare vehicles in order to improve the environment surrounding welfare vehicles, which is the philosophy of the Association.

If you are interested in joining, please feel free to contact the office.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact the office. If you are interested, please feel free to contact the office.


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