Paying for the modifications

Full Ministry of Health funding

If we have agreed to pay the full cost of your modifications, we will manage the building process for you – including dealing with the building contractors and building consents and paying the bills for the modifications work.

Part payment

If the cost of modifications to your home is more than $8,076 (including GST), you may need to pay some of the cost of those modifications. This is called a ‘part payment’. The $8,076 includes the cost of any previous modifications funded by the Ministry of Health after you turned 16 years of age.

Usually, the Ministry of Health’s housing modifications funding managers, Accessable or Enable New Zealand, manage the building process.

We will pay our share of the cost directly to the builder or building consultant when the work is completed, and you must do the same with your share of the payment.

Find out more about when you might need to pay part of the cost for your home modifications.

Cost contribution

We will generally pay you a contribution towards the cost of some modifications to your home related to your disability needs if the modifications cost more than $1,000 (excluding GST) and at least one of the following situations applies.

  • You are building a new home to meet your disability related needs.
  • You are doing more or different modifications to your home than the Ministry of Health’s housing assessor recommends.
  • The builder who is doing your modifications does not have a contract with the Ministry of Health’s housing modifications funding manager Accessable or Enable New Zealand.
  • The cost of access modifications into or between levels of your home (for example, a ramp or platform lift) is more than the Ministry of Health’s funding limit (more than $15,334 including GST).

You must manage the building process and pay for the modifications yourself first. We will pay our contribution to the cost after the modifications have been completed and you have paid for them.

Find out more about how we can contribute to your home modifications cost.


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