Welfare vehicle handler training

The specialist knowledge required for the specialist work of welfare vehicle handlers

The specialist duties of a welfare vehicle handler are to have a firm grasp of the specialist knowledge required for the environment surrounding welfare vehicles (the basic attitude towards handling welfare vehicles), and to propose the best possible vehicle for people who use welfare vehicles.
The specialist knowledge required for the specialist work of welfare vehicle handlers can be broadly divided into the following categories.


Basic principles in dealing with welfare vehicles
Basic knowledge of the care industry
Types of assistive vehicles
Understanding of user needs
Handling of consumption tax, tax exemptions and incentives


In order to ensure technical methods and expertise, we offer a basic course for welfare vehicle handlers.


A welfare vehicle handler is a specialist in welfare vehicles who has the basic knowledge required to handle welfare vehicles.

They are experts in the handling of welfare vehicles.
Specialist assistive vehicle handlers are "experts in the handling of assistive vehicles", particularly for those involved in the distribution of assistive vehicles, and are able to provide basic information on the correct handling of assistive vehicles, such as "meeting the customer", "understanding the needs of assistive vehicles" and "aftercare".
People who use assistive vehicles want to expand their range of activities and enjoy a rich life by using assistive vehicles.
We are committed to helping them do this, and to finding out what their needs really are. We are experts in finding out what their needs really are and offering them the best options.
The satisfaction of the user should be the ideal of a welfare vehicle handler.


Qualifications for becoming a welfare vehicle handler

In order to become a welfare vehicle handler, it is essential to pass the qualifying examination of the Association.
There are a wide range of people who are eligible to take the examinations, including car manufacturers and manufacturers of welfare equipment, as well as members of the general public who may wish to gain knowledge in the future.
If you are interested in welfare vehicles, we highly recommend this qualification course.


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